What's Grab for GREEN all about?

Our GRAB for GREEN campaign is to help make it easy and convenient for nursing home staff to schedule patient ultrasounds with Lakeshore. Green logbooks, instruction sheets, and candy jars at each nurse's station are placed for fast and easy identification and contact numbers.

When you GRAB for GREEN with Lakeshore for all of your ultrasound requests, we ensure:

Ultrasound is not a sideline. You wouldn't ask a gas station attendant to rebuild your engine - you would want a specialist. All we do is Ultrasound exams, so we have to do a better job. We are constantly striving to improve service to nursing homes by decreasing response times and turnaround times, as well as improving the quality of exams.

Call anytime 800.952.9591 to schedule "in service" meetings with our personnel to facilitate improved communication and a better understanding of our service.

We appreciate your business at Lakeshore Diagnostic Ultrasound Company